Nice Wide S Barrier

Nice Wide S Barrier

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Product Description

Electromechanical Barrier Systems 24 Vdc motor, control unit, adjustable speed and obstacle recognition feature.
More Comfortable and safe in maintenance and programming.
The same Control unit is used in all WIDE series barriers.
Control Unit is easily accessible inside the body.
Maximum Obstacle Recognition is alert even with minimal impact on opening and closing
Electronically-adjustable speed The opening time is adjustable from 3.5” (Wide M) to 5” (Wide L).
Robustness, Reliability and Easy Installation: Lighter and higher wind resistance with elliptical cut arm.
Accessory connections are easier with the special profile arm.
The barrier arm can be installed both on the right and on the left.
Spring adjustment is easier; easier with the practical spring tensioner.
No interruptions;
You can continue the operation of the system with CARICA (with 2 x 12 V 7 A batteries) or with the PS324 battery system.
Thanks to the Triangle Key, it's easy to manually manipulate the barrier.
It is fully compatible with OGS and HGS Systems.

Package Included

1 x WIDE S barrier
1 piece of 4 meter barrier arm
1 flasher
1 fork foot
1 sticker

Service is provided for installation.

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