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Askeroğlu Security Systems.

Trust, safety and security have been programmed into this since human existence. We wanted to be a part of it. We will keep your relatives and values ​​safe with our security cameras.

Security Cameras

Our first time with security systems and security cameras, our first time going to introduce this journey.

Who is good for security cameras from our site and you can be sure to benefit from it. We procure these security products from the world leaders as well as domestically.

We want our achievements to use our education information with you with this website. We are in a position to give you all kinds of user's guide, so the market on security cameras. We can even provide support where you'll like tolerance. You just ask us all about the security camera.

In order to follow us for products and innovations in security cameras, please inquire about all our products in order to acquire us.

Security Systems

In addition to security cameras, a very important product is security systems. It is a category that has many and a wide range of products in the field of security systems.

In addition to security cameras, products included in security systems are products such as alarm systems, fire alarms, gas detectors.

You can contact and ask questions using our information on matters related to us.

We can tell you our knowledge about size security cameras and security systems.


Askeroğlu Security Systems Team.

You can contact us using the information below.

Address: PERPA Trade Center, Block A, Floor 13, No: 2134

Phone: +90.212.401-2446

Phone: +90.212.401-2447

Fax: +90.212.401-2446

GSM: +90.536.589-3816

E-Mail: info@askerogluguvenlik.com